The SWAROVSKI Difference

In the past we have come across imitators of the Bling My Thing cases where the design wasn’t copied quite right or more importantly the crystals would scratch or fall off. It is both frustrating for us as well as our customers. Luckily it’s not hard at all to distinguish the differences!

fake or real Swarovski?

Can you tell the difference?

Here a couple of sites that have gone into detail on what to expect from real SWAROVSKI compared to a fake. Tips range from looking if they contain bubbles to the consistency of the cut and how a genuine one will always out-sparkle a knock-off.

How to ensure you are getting the real thing
How to spot a fake
How to verify authenticity of SWAROVSKI crystal beads

Enjoy the reading and research and make sure you are purchasing the real deal from the official Bling My Thing website and outlets!

Bling FAIL (1) – why you should not buy cheap bling cases…

Few days ago I received an email in French. Damn, my French is rusty… but I could understand what he was saying. To summarise: he bought a Milky Way case for iPhone 4S in a shopping mall in France, and within few days, lots of crystals started to fall off, so he wants to get a refund.

When I read it, my first reaction was…. “WHAT!?!?!?!?”  I mean our cases go through a vigorous quality control process and this kind of things should never happen. OK, it could happen that one would fall off but so many?

I kindly asked him to send us more info, and more importantly, to send us a photo of the damaged case….

…….. (waiting eagerly…… (;´ρ`))

Finally he sent me the photo. Tobias sees it first – he just started to laugh!!!! I was like, “What is it???” He said, “just see it yourself!”.

The poor guy bought a fake case!!!  This is definitely:

AN EPIC FAIL! ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ʃ

First of all, this case has no logo. All of our Bling My Thing cases have embossed logo on the surface of the case (in some cases, printed). Next, there is no setting for crystals to be seen on the case. This means, crystals are just glued onto a standard case with a flat surface. Sure, crystals would fall off before you know it. Our cases have settings (holes) for every crystal we glue. So they are well-protected, AND our glue is optimised to hold them tightly to the case. Our crystals would never come off in normal everyday use.

I feel very sorry for him – he liked Milky Way, he said in his email. The shop must have told him that it was the original Bling My Thing case, otherwise he would not have contacted us….


Make sure that the case has our logo on it, AND sold in our original packaging. If it is too cheap – it is probably fake.

ps. The guy bought it in a shopping mall called Auchan Noyelles Godault. So if you ever travel to France, be careful! Buy our original case! FNAC has our cases in stock :)


Business phones do not have to look boring…! Add some bling on BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9300!

High spec cellphones like BlackBerry Bold were never given a chance to look trendy because they are labelled as BUSINESS CELLPHONES. Well… WHY THE HELL NOT!?!?!?

Due to a rising demand, we’ve decided to include cases for BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9300 in our SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION. You can choose from 3 colour combinations – CRYSTAL for classic look, PINK MIX for girlie look, and COTTON CANDY for ultimate fun!

The case coated with a special METALLIC MIRROR coating but it is half-transparent, like the effect you normally see in sunglasses. It is stunning!

It comes with a microfiber cloth and high quality bubble free screen protector.

At last we are able to serve the BlackBerry community as well!

MOAB xoxo


Clear Case for Sony Ericsson Xperia ray – now available in Milky Way design!

For those who use Sony Ericsson Xperia ray phones, now we have clear cases encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in our best-selling MILKY WAY design!

3 colours are available: CRYSTAL (fits well on all colours), ANGEL MIX (looks amazing on the gold colour) and the limited edition colour mix, APRICOT MIX (looks funky on pink!).

You can buy them in our online shop for now.

have a sparkly day!

MOAB xoxo