Animal prints for your wardrobes! Yeah or meh?

How many fashion accessories with animal prints do you have in your wardrobes? or do you even own some fabulous outfits with leopard and zebra prints?

They could make you look super hot or you could end up like….. hmmm, there are a plenty of MEH on the internet, if you Google…

I guess the colors of natural animal prints are so neutral, they go with everything. It is literally black, white, beige or brown… unless you are into some funky animal prints I don’t know about!

I was thinking of a list of celebrities who are often associated with animal prints….

The first person I thought of – Marilyn Monroe! From my favourite movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes (1953) ❤ So elegant, this is definitely YEAH!


Elizabeth Taylor – what a classic beauty, and how elegant she looks in her leopard swimsuit! Oh, I just found out from googling, Lindsay Lohan played Elisabeth Taylor in the film Liz & Dick! 4/10 score in IMDB… !


and here is Serena Williams, crushing her friends’ wedding with her wild leopard appearance! How did she come up with this idea, I wonder? The leopard is so perfect for her! So I would say, YEAH GIRL! hahaha

Serena Williams with leopard swimsuitSo enough of history…. the queen of animal prints – definitely Kate Moss for me! Definitely YEAH!

iphone6_leopard-kate-moss-bling-my-thingQueen B cannot be forgotten, too. Gorgeous! YEAH!

iphone6-leopard-beyonce-bling-my-thing2 iphone6-leopard-beyonce-bling-my-thing3 iphone6-leopard-beyonce-bling-my-thing

Kim Kardashian is often seen with animal prints…. This one… hmmm, not so sure. What do you think?

iphone6_leopard-kim-kardashian-bling-my-thingI like Olivia Palermo’s leopard look. Yeah! Snow leopard look is so elegant!


Some more of my favourite… (obviously ‘yeah’s!)

Halle Berry, do you EVER age? Love her newest TV series, EXTANT!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Balmain zebra outfits!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Zebra Rosie Huntington Whiteley Zebra

I like Balmian but this bling zebra gown on Lindsay Lohan…. hmmmmm.


What do you think of animal prints on men? Kayne West with Givenchy bomber jacket.


Swizz Beatz & his studded Christian Louboutin leopard leather jacket.


Although her fashion choice is often disputed, I still love Nicki Minaj and she just looks cool with animal prints!

iphone6_nicki-minaj-givenchy-leopard-hair-bling-my-thingCheck out this leopard hair!!!!

My friend recently did leopard lips on a photoshooting… didn’t see the photo but it looks like this. Isn’t this cool or what?

pink-leopard-lips-bling-my-thing-iphone6Some cool animal print accessories…. here we go.

Jimmy Choo Odette Ponyskin bag in zebra pattern. Lovely!



Leopard iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case from Bling My Thing / Ayano. Faux fur with RockCrystals, yay!!













Zebra Bikini by Emilio Pucci. Stunning!












Need a pair of chic leopard sunglasses? by Prism.












Black / grey zebra iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case by Bling My Thing / Ayano. Black faux fur in contrast to sparkly black diamond crystals! A perfect case for a night out!












Ashley Olsen & her Louis Vuitton scarf – LOVE IT!













Leopard Heels – sexy! by Tabitha Simmons












Cute pink zebra case for iPhone 6 by Bling My Thing / Ayano. Pink faux fur is super cute!




Glam Rock Fashionable iPhone 6 Cases

Anyone wearing leather and studded spikes scream the look of Glam Rock, this uber-cool fashion trend is all about looking bold, loud and chic. While some may love the look of heavy makeup and chunky jewelry, sticking to the essentials with a fun studded iPhone 6 case will bring a modern take on the punk look.

Channel your inner Glam Rock Diva with a few fashion forward accessory choices! It’s all about platform boots, spiked clutches and a lot of attitude. Glam Rock takes a more fashionable take on the punk rock trend with a feminine and subtle look on the style. Keeping it edgy and glamorous is all about having the right attitude and the best accessories.

The key to getting the punk look without going overboard is by keeping only 2 or 3 bold accessories. We’ve picked out some trendy punk fashion accessories. Whether you love the look of military boots and vampy makeup, it’s all about keeping it tasteful with some attitude.


Rockstar Studded Heels

métallique-collection-for-iphone-6-solar-flare-fergie glam rock iPhone 6 fashion










Who said you can’t look sexy while staying punk? Pair your favorite distressed jeans and baggy tee with a studded iPhone 6 case and metal spiked heels. Stick with a bold Metallique iPhone 6 case that accents your outfit.

Solar Flare For iPhone 6 is part of the Métallique Collection from Bling my Thing, the perfect pairing with Rockstar studded high heels. The matt black iPhone case comes in a faux leather texture embedded with Swarovski Elements and Gold metal studs in Solar Flare. This sleek look is edgy with a feminine twist since jeans and a tee is a casual take on the look but by adding a pair of heels calls for a bolder appearance.

Pair your heels with a studded leather bracelet and with a smokey eyeliner look.  It’s all about mixing it up by adding a feminine touch to your rock star look. Each piece that you choose to wear will reflect not only your personal sense of style but a very bold attire to wear out at an evening party. Add a pair of slim leg jeans and you’re ready to head out the door just like Fergie herself!

Metallic Nails

Ultimate Sparkle Extravaganza case for iPhone 6

Push and Shove Polish










You can’t skip out on the sparkle with a glam punk look! The Ultimate Sparkle Extravaganza case for iPhone 6 is the perfect glam accessory.  Designed with Swarovski crystals, this cover by Bling My Thing has Pure Silver Crystals laid out on the entire case. The metallic irredescnet shimmer effect that shines under the sun’s rays.

What better way to pair a metallic iPhone cover then with a gorgeous shimmery nail polish. Metallic nails are all the trend for Fall, we are loving the OPI Collection for Gwen Stefani. As the epitome of glam punk rock, Gwen’s style reflects the collection with bold polishes. The shade by OPI Push and Shove nail polish is a reflective jewel tone nail polish to suit your personal style. This edgy manicure will surely create a statement with your blingy iPhone 6 case.

Punk Rocker in Pink

Zoya Miranda Pixie Dust iPhone6-case-Bling-My-Thing-Vogue-Cascade-Pink-1

Who says you can’t flaunt hot pink nails while still looking like a rocker? Vogue Cascade iPhone 6 case in Pink is the perfect accessory to your rocking pink manicure. A high shine, glittery pink manicure with Zoya’s Pixie Dust  nail polish in the shade Miranda, a smoking hot pink for a night out on the town. Perfect for glamming up for Fall 2014, hot fuschia pinks compliment a variety of skin tones.

If you’re not sure about going all shimmery with your nails, consider creating a gradient effect with a  sparkly nail polish. Try it out with a makeup sponge, dip the edge of the sponge into the nail polish and gently dab it on the tips of your nails. Instant glamour chic nails!

Glammed up in Pure White

Nicki Minaj Whitemétallique-collection-for-iphone-6-polar-blizzard-

White is a game changer when it comes to makeup. Not everyone can pull of a pure white lip but if you’re feeling a little daring, a pure white lipstick can create a defined lip look. Don’t be intimidated to try this out next time you visit your local makeup counter. A fun and attractive iPhone 6 case is the Polar Blizzard from the Métallique Collection is the perfect statement cover made with a matte durable PU leather to withstand any damages. The faux leather texture has metallic Polar Blizzard studs embedded with Swarovski Elements. This case screams chic and uber-modern with the bright white color.

#DyeGate ruining your iPhone 6? We have a solution!

As soon as the iPhone 6 launched in the market, a frenzy of Apple fanatics waited hours in line just to get their hands on the new mobile device. It’s safe to say that at a $199-$399 price tag, the latest iPhone 6 doesn’t come cheap so we should be expecting the best quality cell phone. Many consumers are mocking the brand to launching one of the thinnest mobile phones that can easily be bended while carrying it around in your jean pocket. The Bendgate issue has iPhone 6 users worrisome about keeping their phone in top condition year around.

Iphone 6 Dyegate 2

The latest problem regarding the new design is causing the dye from any pair of jeans to be transferred onto the back of the iPhone. Not only is the dye transferring but the white plastic line on the golden iPhone 6 can easily become dirty and stained in a matter of days with heavy use. The stained look give the iPhone a very tacky and cheap feel since it turned into a yellow or deepened blue hue. This is where a high quality iPhone 6 case is here to save your iPhone 6 from these scum stains.

Iphone 6 Dyegate Jeans

 Not only are jeans bending the iPhone but staining it!Iphone 6 Dyegate problem

The #Dyegate hashtag is followed by #Colorgate and #Rubgate for the top trending tweets on Twitter  Needless to say consumers are not happy with their iPhone staining so quickly and we have a solution.

Iphone 6 Dyegate

If you’re an iPhone 6 user, you’ve already spent hundreds of your hard earned cash on the device. Investing in a sturdy case will be the best decision you’ve ever made! Users who choose not to cover their device with a protective case will find themselves with a horribly stained iPhone 6.

The simplest and fashionable way to protect your iPhone for life is with a high quality, durable iPhone 6 case from Bling My Thing. If you still want to keep the back gold body of the iPhone 6 visible, an easy solution is with a protective hard case. If you love the look of your iPhone but want to keep it clean, a clear hard case.

 If You Want to Keep it Simple & Sophisticated- Clear Hard Caseultra-clear-hard-case-for-iphone-6-minimalistic-motoki-collection-clear-by-ayano

The Ultra-Clear, Hard Case from the Minimalistic Motoki Collection By Ayano is sleek enough to look fashionable for your iPhone 6 device but also helps avoid the unsightly discoloration that can make it look very dirty. A clear case gives you the option to protect the back of the iPhone 6 while still showing off the gold bronze design.

 Add a Little Bling to Your Dyegate iPhone 6


Our next iPhone 6 case choice adds a little bling to your mobile device. Who doesn’t love shiny things?! The Cute Pink Butterfly Swarovski Case For iPhone 6 ultra clear transparent Papillon Butterfly series case is scratch-proof, dye-proof and will keep your case looking brand new! It adds a good amount of thickness with its high-grade polycarbonate material that adds a grip to your phone to prevent it from slipping off your hands. The elegant jeweled design adds a sleek and sexy touch. It’s simple and elegant to take with you on a night out with friends!

Nail your Outfit with Dazzling Pink iPhone 6 cases

Each year the iPhone undergoes a thinner, sleeker makeover and it’s no wonder why protective cases are becoming increasingly fashionable. Bling My Thing iPhone 6 cases are a gorgeous accessory for any fashion forward diva who’s looking for the toughest phone protection with a sexy innovative design. We love our phones just as much as we love to look chic so why shouldn’t fashion and phone cases go hand in hand? Since the ever-altering iPhone has changed its casing from black to white to gold, the one color that remains a popular choice for phone cases is….PINK!

With plenty of ordinary cases available in the market – you can’t beat a stunning and classy pink iPhone case decked up with Swarovski crystals. Whether you love a little hot pink, go crazy over magenta, want to keep it feminine with a light rose shade or stick with the classic baby pink- the shades of pink are endless as is our choices of manicures!

We’ve rounded up our favorite fashionable pink iPhone 6 cases to pair up with your next nail polish pick to make your outfit fantastic!

Let’s Go Wild with Pink Zebra

Bling my Thing Pink Zebra Safari Series iPhone 6 case

Calling all fashion divas! As much as we loved the animal print trend in the 80’s, the zebra print is back with a sexy makeover.  The Pink Zebra Safari Series iPhone 6 case is part of the Glam! Collection by AYANO. This texturized silky faux fur cover feels Pink iPhone6 case Bling My Thing Glam safari Zebra Pinkand looks luxurious embellished with diamond shaped crystals for the perfect wild handheld accessory. What better way to pair up your case with Essie’s Boom Boom Room, the ultra-bright bubblegum pink polish has a gorgeous glossy finish to spice up any outfit.

Not sure how to wear a hot bubblegum pink polish? Pair it with a plain white button down blouse with a floral printed skirt. The subtle floral print will contract the bright pink polish and flashy Pink Zebra Safari iPhone 6 case.

Shimmery Pink Extravaganza

Bling my Thing Pure Silver with Light Rose iPhone 6 case

We love a little shimmer shimmer to our wardrobe, the Pure Silver with Light Rose iPhone 6 case from the Extravaganza Collection has an array of Light Rose crystals laid out throughout the back of the case. This ultra-bling is super-feminine and girly, perfect for the night out on the town! It is also available for iPhone 6 Plus, ladies!

The perfect nail polish to pair up with this ultra blingy case is OPI’s Teenage Dream. Part of the Katy Perry OPI collection, this is the epitome of chic with a pretty girly edge. Teenage Dream is a gorgeous pale pink nail polish with tons of sparkle to dazzle up your manicure! The pale rose iridescent glitter polish coupled with the Light Rose crystals on the iPhone case is one for the fashionably trendy.

Bling my Thing Pure Pink with Indian Pink crystals iphone 6 case

If a Pure Silver case isn’t your thing, we’ve got your choice of a Pure Pink with Indian Pink crystals for iPhone 6 from the Extravaganza Collection. This case is embellished with stunning light-reflecting crystals on a bold hot pink metallic casing for the toughest protection. Pair the bright over-the-top iPhone case harmoniously with OPI’s Your Web or Mine. This super frosty hot pink polish shines just as bright as any shimmery nail polish. The pearly finish is the perfect way to style up your nails

Victoria Beckham StyleWith such a bright and bold case, there’s a little worry about how to carry it off in an outfit.

Keep it simple with a monochromatic pant suit outfit with fitted trousers just like the queen of chic Victoria Beckham! The classy modern take on the pant suit styles up the sparkly hot pink iPhone case without looking overly dressed up.

Pink Punk with a Purpose

Bling my Thing meteor Shower iPhone case

Bring out the little punk rocker in you with the Meteor Shower iPhone 6 case from the Métallique collection. The mesmerizing faux leather case has a bold hot pink background with a matt black border embellished with Swarovski crystals and metal studs in Meteor Shower. It is also available for iPhone 6 Plus.


Who can rock a little sexy black dress like that? Black & pink combination is über-sexy! Miranda Kerr, you are awesome!

Match up your sleek punk rock style with OPI’s Kiss Me On My Tulips for a gorgeous hot pink manicure for a cute twist.

Pretty in Pink

Bling My Thing Sakura style iPhone 6 case

If you’re looking to add a chic twist to your case, the Sakura style iPhone 6 case is a translucent pink case from the Mosaic Collection. It is also available for iPhone 6 Plus. The sophisticated hard case is thinnest, lightest, strongest all-protective enough to protect your iPhone from hard drops Nicki Minajwhile still keeping a sleek appearance. The ultra stylish and sassy classic pink shade is perfect for any woman on the go. The pastel pink case makes the perfect pairing with OPI’s Pink Friday part of the Nicki Minaj Collection inspired by the hip-hop style savvy icon.

We love a bubblegum pink nail polish shade, Pink Friday adds a soft touch to any outfit be it for work or an evening event.

As a style icon, Nicki Minaj’s taste in outfits are always over the top with wigs and bold makeup. A plain fitted pink dress paired with printed tights and bright colored accessories adds a flirty and fun girl’s night outfit.